About the RAPS Retail and Rental software

Essential reading: About RAPS

RAPS POS is a retail, rental and point of sale software package that can be run in a single or multi-user mode. It has been in existence 0for over 20 years and has gone through many evolutionary development cycles.

RAPS has many inventory, statistical, financial, auditing and fraud controlling reports. Raps comes packaged with an SMS customer relationship system that caters for promotional/birthday campaigns as well as reminders to advice customers to return late rentals. It has also been noted by our User base that this software is friendly and intuitive to use with lots of online help. This software has also been successfully used for audio book, movie,, game and DVD rentals, and may be extended to other retail and rental merchandise (Users can define their own categories for retail and rental stock cards). Download a copy and take it for a test run. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions; we can help you install, test and evaluate.

The in store RAPS retail and rental catalogue is now accessible by your customers through the online StarLight Internet interface. Your customers will now be able to access the in store retail and rental catalogue and dynamically (in real time) make reservations and rentals while in the comfort of their home; and see what's IN or OUT without having to drive to the store and be disappointed. Key word queries can be made on the Internet to your catalogue to find rental items by keywords, title, synopsis, category/genre showing off the picture box displays with the their related YouTube trailer links; allowing the customer to sample the product before making a decision. This is probably the only system available that allows for a dynamic online and offline retail and rental solution. Note that the in store RAPS counter system has a dashboard picking list which allows employees to monitor the Internet transactions produced through Star Light. Rentals and or reservations done through the Internet can be picked up or delivered to the customer depending on the stores business model. Note that transactions are dynamically processed within one to two seconds between the Internet and the in store catalogue without operator intervention.

Amending a stock card record in RAPS

The stock record can be amended to have a link to a Youtube demo you may have created showing how to decorate a cake with sugar flowers. Also you can for example annotate the resulting Internet image with "show price" and "hand crafted" to give the image a personal touch. Other powerful feature are also available for Internet production.

Associating customer May Also Like these stock cards

Capture a gallery of photos per stock card

Assigning Icons to a stock card

Resulting Icons on StarLite (on mouse-over description)

StarLite retail catalog example produced from RAPS Database

Internet customer clicking onto flowers

Clicking onto above Gallery button starts gallery show

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If you have any questions please do hesitate to contact us through email: info@softwareclinic.co.za or Skype raps49.