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Example of tool rental item clicked

Example of costume rental item clicked

Example of flowers retail item clicked

Example of gallery photo show

Essential reading: the Starlight concepts

Starlight allows your Internet customers to interact with your stores retail and rental catalogue:

Starlight interfaces dynamicaly with the RAPS counter database.

Starlight runs on your main computer need for any other service providers.

Note the stock pictures shown on Starlight are stored and maintained within the Raps applications database. Tip when cruising the Internet for relevant stock pictures, that one can right click onto a picture found and then left click onto the copy option. Then one can use the RAPS amend stock card option to capture the picture by simply clicking onto the picture button; the picture will then appear in the stock card (please be aware of picture that may be to large). If no appropriate pictures are found one can still use the web cam on the computer to take a picture of the stock item by using the same picture button.

Starlight uses the IIS web services which will be installed on your main computer.

For more information or details please do hesitate to contact us through email: or Skype raps49

The currency symbol is changed for the country of origin.

Starlight pdf document download

The Starlight Internet dashboard monitors transactions performed by your
customers from their homes or offices. Located on your POS desktop.

When a Starlight rental transaction appears the operator then clicks onto the
transaction to confirm and acknowledge.

When the customer originating the transaction takes delivery or picks it up
the operator will click onto the transaction to confirm pickup/delivery.

Example of home industry Internet catalog using StarLite

Example of tool + some real-estate rentals on Internet using StarLite (*notice icons)

Example of clicking onto a catalog item with map coordinates

When above map button clicked shows stock card location