Download The Retail Rental Counter POS Software (RAPS)

Download and installation instructions

Download the RAPS 20.04 software with demo data with the following buttons. If you want to update or patch an older version of RAPS then select UPGRADE TO A NEWER VERSION OF RAPS from the DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE dropdown menu above.

Remember to SAVE and not to RUN when asked after clicking onto the download button.

Once downloaded double click onto the RAPS_SETUP_XXX.EXE to install the RAPS counter software. Windows will always prompt you to allow unknown software to be installed...please allow since our software is not malicious. If you need referrals or any help please contact us.

Remember that RAPS has lots of onboard help buttons that can be used to learn the operation of the RAPS counter software. Also you are more than welcomed to contact us with any operational questions. Note that we utilize a reputable Internet utility refered to as teamviewer; as an aid to support you. It now becomes easy to teach you online ...refer:
If RAPS is installed find a copy in the folder c:\tvhs\pgm\teamviewerqs.exe

For more information or details please email us: or Skype us on raps49

U.S.A. version download

United Kingdom UK version download

European EU version download

New Zealand version download

South African Version download

Bahrain Version download

Namibia Version download

Zambia Version download