Download the SMS software that is compatible with RAPS

Download and installation instructions

Apply for an SMS account:
To be able to send SMS's to your customers on the RAPS database you must register an account on the SendEasy web site by visiting . When there click onto the Register link at the top right of the page.
Once registered send an email to to setup your API account for the RAPS software and include the following information: email address used upon registration and the usage: (running with the RAPS application).
A reply to your email will be sent to you detailing the API credentials: your API Sms User name and SMS User password that will be used in the RAPS SMS setup that follows.
Contact tel:+27 (0)11 781-0480 contact persons: Andrew, Grant or Mathew. Also

Download the SENDEASY installation package with the button found below:
Extract the downloaded zip file to a folder location on your hard drive.
Double click onto the setup.exe file to begin installation and follow the prompts in the installation wizard until setup is complete.

Configure the RAPS counter software for SMS usage:
Click onto the Tools Selection->SMS Subsystem->Maintain SMS parameters from the main RAPS menu.
On the SMS Parameters tab change the Sms User name and SMS User password to the username and password sent in the API credentials email.
Click on the SMS Directories tab and change the SMS Pgm entry field to: C:\Program Files\Netgen\SendEasy Bulk File SMS\BulkFileSend.exe

Top up your account with SMS credits:
Login to your SendEasy account at using the email address and password supplied during registration.
Click onto the Buy Credits button at the top of the page and follow the on screen prompts to purchase SMS credits.

You are now ready to start sending SMS's to your customer that are within the RAPS database:
Target customers for promotions using the RAPS promotional extract engine.
Customer reminders.
Birthday greetings.

SendEasy SMS software download

Screen shot of RAPS promotional extract engine

Screen shot of RAPS maintaining SMS templates