Download the getting started pdf document

Essential reading: Getting started (RAPS POS) documentation

RAPS POS is a retail, rental and point of sale software package that can be run in a single or multi-user mode. It has been in existence for over 20 years and has gone through many evolutionary development curves. The getting started document that can be downloaded here is our attempt to teach the first time users the fundamentals of navigating the main RAPS menu. Note that RAPS is over 90% documented internally with visible help buttons on most of its functional Windows.

Tip: when the mouse pointer is over a browser type Window that the operator can right click to display a navigational wizard.

* Note that stock card pictures can be stored and maintained within the Raps applications database. Tip when cruising the Internet for relevant stock pictures, that one can right click onto a picture found and then left click onto the copy option. Then one can use the RAPS amend stock card option to capture the picture by simply clicking onto the picture button; the picture will then appear in the stock card (please be aware of picture that may be to large). If no appropriate pictures are found one can still use the web cam on the computer to take a picture of the stock item by using the same picture button.

Also read the documentation for StarLight which can add a very sophisticated dimension for your possible Internet customers.

If you have any questions please do hesitate to contact us through email: or Skype raps49.

For more details download and read the following pdf document.

Getting started (RAPS POS) pdf document download