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There are a few computer maintenance routines that must be preformed monthly to ensure the health and integrity of the computer hardware as well as the RAPS system. By doing these management will prevent many down type situations and save money on support calls. These routines are performed when all operators of the RAPS system are logged out. Note all workstations must be subjected to these monthly maintenance routines. It would be wise to schedule a monthly date and time for these routines to be performed and to have a signoff schedule document for both the backups and maintenance routines so that management is satisfied that they are being done.

Following is a description of how the computer can become logically damaged and a brief description on how to repair this damage. Also this synopsis will be followed by a couple of pages that will describe in graphical detail how to execute the preventative measures within the Microsoft operating systems for Windows XP or higher versions. Note that these preventative/repair measures should only be carried out early in the morning before business traffic makes it impossible to do so. We recommend about 1 to 2 hours before heavy business commences.

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For more details download and read the following pdf document.

Monthly maintenance pdf document download